Civil Partnerships

We are delighted to organise civil ceremonies and partnerships for lesbian and gay couples. Everything which is available in our wedding section, is also available for civil ceremony and partnership events. With a depth of experience we are able to offer everything from eloquent solemnity, to fun and flexible occasions. Please do ask around and we are confident you’ll hear about our successes.

From putting you in touch with the registrars, to playing your choice of music on our superb sound system during the ceremony, to serving a delicious meal afterwards, we will support you from start to finish.

Civil Ceremonies

Once you have booked the Registrars (see our brochure for notes on how to do this) we will offer you careful planning to make sure your civil ceremony run smoothly, and is as unique as you wish it to be. At Sindlesham Court we offer choices;

  • a variety of licensed rooms, from the impressive Berkshire, to the intimate Ingham Clark
  • a discreet and reassuring place away from the rush to chat to the registrars beforehand
  • a state-of-the-art sound system to play your chosen music, or even record the ceremony at no extra cost
  • a minstrels’ gallery above The Berkshire Room for live musicians to wow you
  • other religious and non-religious ceremony ideas.